Thursday, June 1, 2017

How are you feeling? Are you ready for shorts and bathing suit season?
Don't worry honey we all feel like we've added some padding. The alternative to living well is well you know so go out and be engaged with life. Do your best to enjoy where you are. Get something that makes you feel comfortable and keep on keeping on.

I love the smell of the roses do the know how the magazine people did it but I loved the smell of the rose catalogue in spring. The promise of a summer bounty of flowers, tomatoes and corn. Mmmmmm

For now I'll have to settle for fruit an vegetables from Felipe's. 

What's your plan for summer? I'm going to start some dog training. Looking forward to getting the doggies back on track. 

So if you're looking to train your doggie or do some creative crafts come over to YouTube and follow me. 
@ Mimi's musings or just saying. 
See u there.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 29 Faces challenge

So I am giving it a good try, go to Ayala's blog to check it out (see above) .

Guess I have some catching up to do since I started this yesterday. Well it's best to start doesn't matter when does it? The link about explains it best please go and check it out Ayala Art hosts this challenge and I decided  to try to keep up. Think I can do it? Let's see, what about you? Are you going to try?



Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 2017

Ahh Yes trying to get all the workshops I am involved in up to date and not get sick. TOO LATE.

Yes I got sick and now I am recuperating from the rest day I took and I think that was worse than being sick. My old bones are hurting. ow. So on with the update

First the color of the year! Greenery from Pantone. Beautiful color reminds me of summer grass, spring and bunny rabbits. I didn't get my directions video looking as well as I wanted so I just redirect everyone to someone I know who is awesome at videos. See the video

So did you pick your word for the the year? Your saying your intentions your good grief with all of that I had no time to get my video's done. I really have a hard time choosing those things. Like what do I want my theme to be? I don't know I am just trying to be creative then everyone wants intentions. I just want to complete everything I started. What is your, STOP! I just want to be taken as a serious artist to make some money out of selling my creations. Is that too real? Why do I have to spend time getting intentions done. My intention is to not have to go to work outside my art shop. To be able to buy things with out using a credit card. Or if I do use a credit card I want to be able to pay it off with the money I make selling the stuff I made.That's my goal.

I am not being hostile I am being realistic. That just doesn't sound as fru fru as it should. It's very in your face and people don't like that. I don't know how I would react if someone put that out there in a video. It's almost shocking. Some people would be insulted because it sounds like I am putting them down. I really don't mean to I am just saying that in my head I don't have that I have to wait to hear what every one else says and copy them because the truth is I don't have visions of sugar plums in my head. Oh I know how to fake it but the reality is I strive to do what I need to to get to the place where every one else is. I have to struggle every time we have a zen mantra going before we can start the process of learning.

I  was ready to learn before I signed up. I want to be organized I want to have creative journals and beautiful things to look at but I can't just vomit them out the beginning of the year.

Whats my word of the year? BE just be. Just be me be creative be aspiring be annoying be loud be yourself.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Get ready for January 2017

Hi everyone, it's a bit early for my blog post but being that there will be lots happening come January I thought I would post now. So many things going to happen in 2017. So without further nonsense here is my list of commitments and links if you are interested.

Lifebook 2017

Polymer clay adventure 2017
I'll have video updates as to how I am doing with both classes.

I'll be participating in the Pantone Color of the Year challenge. I will post my video on the blog.

Journaling: My Year 2017
for more information

Build a line with B'Sue Boutiques. That will definitely be the biggest thing I do this coming year.

Well there they are, I think. Somehow I feel like there is more than that..... Could I have over committed myself? hmmmm We shall see.

Friday, December 9, 2016

December 2016

Here are some of the pictures of my husbands watercolors. I have a few posted on my Etsy shop Designs by MJM . I thought you would enjoy seeing some pretty things for the Holiday month.

Consider going to Etsy and let me know what you think of the site Designs by MJM.
I do hope you all have safe and joyful celebrations. Till next month. TakeCare hugs

Friday, November 4, 2016

November 2016

I am not going to go into details but I have been having some concerns with family and have not been able to upload new content in a while. Now I am home and very happy to be back at my craft table doing my thing again.

 This is where I found Gabby, hardly even cared that I was home after a 6-week absence. seriously Gabby not even a blink?

Of course these three drove me nuts with their attention. Tater of course was thrilled and smiled at me but his allergies made him itch terrible and I had to start his medication again. 

Bug and Lacey themselves in a way,
Bug seems to have pulled a muscle in her back leg probably thinking she's a young pup still. Like me the old bones and joints are not happy. Lacey moves at warp speed no matter what and she gave me nearly a bath with all the kisses.

For all you walking dead fans here is the latest from loot pets I wasn't here to do an unboxing but Tater is sporting the Negans little batters shirt. I get it but would have liked a Glen and Abraham shirt instead. I think. Right Tate?

Well, I am going to try to update a lot better than I have in the past. With the New Year I am hoping for at least once a month.For now I am going to say weekly wish me luck and don't forget to find me on- youtube, mimi's musings, -Facebook, maryannescreativemix and instagram; mmott1225,  and etsy; designsbymjm soon to be updated. thanks

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