Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's fall and it's time to get some jewelry done

 seed pods collected from downtown.
 stamped star work on simple beaded necklace
 handmade clasp with seed pods and beaded necklace
Simple heart with a flower embellishment and hand made clasp.

Seed pods abound there all on the ground. Gather them up to bring to the table I'm ready and willing and some say I'm able. Making fall jewelry is fun and relaxing until Novemeber when the pressure is taxing. Get ready and set and go find some natural pods and seeds with Metal clay and kiln that's all you'll need. Of course we don't always need a kiln  a torch can work too. It's easy and fun and something to do!

What great presents for others! And a piece of where you live. Make sure the item is large enough and yet small enough to be an interesting piece. You can combine some of them like the spiral mesquite that pod is so cute alone but also as a group. Pictures of that one next time.

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