Wednesday, October 23, 2013

referrals the short version

I made a video but I really disliked it so I pulled it off till I can get this whole video thing worked out. so here is the short version.
Thanks to the many posts from they have a great blog where I found tons of information.
60% of customers will refer you if you ask. Always send a thank you and not by email. Incentives don't always get you what you want. Think out side the box so your customers and others are talking about you and your business. Get introductions anything else is just a lead.

hope you all are referring others and being referred take care. mm

The envelope has been pushed

Last night I presented at PromoteHer a networking, supportive, womens business group. My presentation was about referals, getting and expanding them for you business. It was so awesome to do that but I over talked as usual. Gotta stop that so I am going to try to video an abbreviated version giving the highlights and hoping it helps not only other people but getting me to be more relaxed. Comment or suggestions are fine just try to be kind. Thanks.

Thanks to Duct Tape Marketing for all the wonderful resources that helped me learn about referrals.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ok so this is my attempt at learning the process of video taping and editing. Not too great, I did learn how to trim the video and post it. I am still trying to fiqure out how to cut and paste so I don't lose everything. Plus I want to learn how to fast forward for when I do something and need to speed it up. oh well. Let me know if you have suggestions. to help me. OH yeah and I'd love to be able to put captions. Thanks for watching. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

cuties for haloween

Are you ready for Halloween? What cute little outfits they have at Michaels and they are on sale!!!

These guys will do anything for a treat.

Just so you know Bug Likes to get dressed up don''t be fooled. As soon as I bring in a costume she's all about it. 

Don't you just want to kiss this face? He's such a flirt.

doodle girls

my doodle girls on black paper with a white gel pen. i love these gals.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October let the Holiday marathon begin.

Now I don't know bout you but usually when October comes my world is in a tizzy, yes I said tizzy!

First, its my husbands birthday, then my sons birthday, then its Halloween, here comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, finally New years. sheesh are you tired? I am.

This was always my favorite time of year. The months between October and December go so quickly. My husband refuses to hear my pleas to plan for it. He is in denial every year that the Holidays are here in October. My plan is to decorate before the season passes us by. He has been known to attach our outdoor lights on christmas week. Problem is everyone is busy wrapping presents to go out and see them. I always liked coming home during the Holidays and seeing the lights in the neighborhood. Oh and especially if there was a hint of snow on them they just glowed and it felt so well you know Holiday-ish!

It loses a lot of appeal on december 24. Just sayin.

When we moved to Arizona I was hit with what surprised even me. I met people who set up thier tree
on thanks giving. They keep it up till New years some even longer. But it just blew me away I thought I was doing good if I got the outdoor lights up just by December 1st.

Nope in the warmer climate areas dont know what it is  but these folks take decorating seriously they had me beat, as soon as the first cool breeze rounds that corner Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes, Christmas decorations abound. I have been left holding an ripped box of tinsle with dangling strands of silver from my sweaty palms still wearing my capri pants and sandals. looking around wondering what happened? Seriously, how do we run out of decorations before a Holiday thought is even a glimmer in a childs mind?

So today as I was looking for a basket to put trick or treat candy in the gentlemen said " and we are having a special on all our Halloween products." Really? I didn't even think about decorating for Halloween till almost  the end of the month. Now a days if I want some thing special for the holidays I will have to start thinking about it round the 4th of July. This is really going to mess with my husbands sensibilites.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sea Lions, Seals and Whales oh my!

Yes, Many many sea lions seals and whales! What a fun day and the water was calm so we didn't get sea sick. That was my biggest concern. We saw so many whales and learned a lot about the area well the area in the water of course.

We had clam chowder yum, mine was in a bread bowl and was so delish. It was so easy to get a reservation and only 50 people on a boat so you got to see really well.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Attitude

Ok I tried to get some networking people to come over and be my 50 faces was that sooo bad? Actually, no, it really was pretty good. Oh I don't mean like they all came over and we all bonded.  I feel the process I went through was great. I called people about 20-25 women and asked if I could send them an e-vite and most said yes. Then, I found a website that would send free cards. I sent invitations to 14 and actually 2 said yes and actually showed up plus one neighbor.

Now you are probably looking at my numbers and saying hello MacFly?? That isn't really a great turn-out but wait hear me out. The outcome may not have been great but it really helped me fine tune everything. Those that came know that I wouldn't do a hard sell to anyone. I really wouldn't, I want to make friends not scare people. I know what I like and I want people to be comfortable. So they will be able to tell others that if I sent an invitation it's really going to be a nice little event and people will get snacks and drinks and talk.

Calling ahead was a good idea it actually was easier to say I'd like to send you and invitation, the other person would say sure when is it for andthey might back out then and there but they also said maybe the next one. Which helps with the hearing of no. When someone says ok send it and if things change I'll come. That actually helped me with my phone phobia. I am always scared to get anyone on the phone to ask them about having a facial or coming to an event but this was actually very easy by the time I finished with the calls I became very comfortable with the verbage.

My networking on friday morning had lots of people say oh sorry can't go or I'm sorry I didn't get back to you because of this and that. But I was ok with that because I made the move I made an effort.
When I called I didn't give much notice it was a few days away from the weekend and people couldn't come. I think I did that because I was scared they would come and how would I actually accomodate them. Yikes.
I feel better prepared should I actually have another one.

Monday, September 2, 2013


I think I'm going to have to start accounting for the time I put into this whole networking stuff so I can see if I really do get anything out of it. There is the meet-up groups I have joined which is promote-Her a meet-up to encourage and help women business owners. Then there is Women of purpose and action again these are women who are trying to help the community of women in need. Then I belong to two groups BNI Business Networking International and Santa Clara Chamber. So Theses two groups are actually weekly groups that are supposedly to make connections and help each other with leads. BNI has more rules and regulations than the chamber but your supposedly going to receive when you give.

I like all the groups I'm involved in the people seem nice enough and it is helping get to know the business end of the area. Frankly speaking I'm not sure they really see me as an asset and I don't know that I am yet. Only time will tell I think. It's not so much who I will need but actually who I know who will need I think.

So I have a pretty busy week when I have to go to these meetings and be charming which I have a hard time doing. That will start again tomorrow better get some beauty sleep.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pictures of Seminar

Maryanne is back from Seminar. So a pretend interviewer asks her questions about her trip and her business
Q. What was the biggest impact from the seminar?
A. I met so many wonderful women and the time just felt like it was on fast forward. I missed my Tucson, Az friends. But I made so many friends this year I am really happy. My new MK Sisters from California were there too.

Q. What is new with Mary Kay?
A. You won't believe it MK had developed an acne system called ClearProof.  Also cosmetics called,
Mary Kay at play, for the young and young at heart, items such as Baked Eye Crayon, Jelly Lip Gloss, Lip crayon, and Colored Lash Love Mascara.

Q. What other news do you have from seminar?
A. Turns out Mary Kay is going to be the make up sponsor for Project Runway and is also going to be backstage at Teen Choice Awards. How awesome is that?

Q. How did you feel when you returned from seminar?
A. I was so pumped when I left I thought I could get everyone on my team and appointments on the books.

Q. So what has changed?
A. Nothing, except my attitude I get nervous. So I am fine then when I go out I can't seem to work up the nerve to approach people.

Q. What can you do about that?
A. Well, they say "Face the fear and do it anyway" I think I just have to find the right venue and just "doit".
Q. Any final comments?
A. Set a goal. Track your attempts and be honest with yourself. If you don't ask you'll never get.

Monday, July 8, 2013


So the sunscreen has been sent and it's a total of 7 sunscreens and 7 lip balms. I was so happy that so many people helped out. Thank you angels.

What is new is I've started to drink more fresh juice and vegtables. Yep you can drink your vegtables.  I invested in a great (expensive) but still great blender that uses all the pulp and everything. I thought about just jucing but it takes so much food to actually make a glass. It seemed to me that there is probably a lot of nutrients in the pulp too. So I go a vitamix. It makes awesome fruit slushes and adding a little ice yum. Not overly sweet like a lot of other slushes.

I've actually lost 7lbs. I had gotten through one day just veggie juices but couldn't last I needed some thing to crunch. So I decided to just do vegetarian and stay away from processed foods. We went to lunch one day I had a small serving of Indian vegetarian with spicy noodles. I'm sure I won't see a big drop in weight because of that.

I made several dishes myself, curried green apples over rice, cooked kale, then red kale peppers carrots rice and beans. Just need to get the Beano.

I also included yoga classes, I found a yoga place that had a special 20 days for $29. I had gone the first part of the week but felt really dizzy on Friday. So I didn't go back till today, the dizzyness happened again. It's hot yoga and then ontop of it your almost on your head all the time. However it has made me feel the muscles in my legs again. Plus it helped my lower back pain. Just need to find a place where it isn't 98 degrees, yes, I said 98 degrees.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Only 4 days left to help support this worthy project of getting sun care to our armed forces. Are you in?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What am I doing with the videos of Many Hands Court Yare and the merchants? There are these tiny little oasis in Tucson Az. that unless someone tells you about them your going to miss the opportunity to meet some pretty incredible people. Many Hands is exactly that it is a cute little place to go to especially if you have out of towners visiting. If you are the creative type it's a great place to get inspiration. There are a love of places to go to around town I think this is one you should definitely see.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dear me, what a long time since I've blogged. But now I have tons of time well, some more time. I am able to just create, create, create. Let me show you some items I have done since I've been gone.

Can't believe I have started crocheting. I'm in the midst of making a sweater I'll upload when I'm done. ta ta for now.

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