Monday, July 8, 2013


So the sunscreen has been sent and it's a total of 7 sunscreens and 7 lip balms. I was so happy that so many people helped out. Thank you angels.

What is new is I've started to drink more fresh juice and vegtables. Yep you can drink your vegtables.  I invested in a great (expensive) but still great blender that uses all the pulp and everything. I thought about just jucing but it takes so much food to actually make a glass. It seemed to me that there is probably a lot of nutrients in the pulp too. So I go a vitamix. It makes awesome fruit slushes and adding a little ice yum. Not overly sweet like a lot of other slushes.

I've actually lost 7lbs. I had gotten through one day just veggie juices but couldn't last I needed some thing to crunch. So I decided to just do vegetarian and stay away from processed foods. We went to lunch one day I had a small serving of Indian vegetarian with spicy noodles. I'm sure I won't see a big drop in weight because of that.

I made several dishes myself, curried green apples over rice, cooked kale, then red kale peppers carrots rice and beans. Just need to get the Beano.

I also included yoga classes, I found a yoga place that had a special 20 days for $29. I had gone the first part of the week but felt really dizzy on Friday. So I didn't go back till today, the dizzyness happened again. It's hot yoga and then ontop of it your almost on your head all the time. However it has made me feel the muscles in my legs again. Plus it helped my lower back pain. Just need to find a place where it isn't 98 degrees, yes, I said 98 degrees.

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