Monday, September 2, 2013


I think I'm going to have to start accounting for the time I put into this whole networking stuff so I can see if I really do get anything out of it. There is the meet-up groups I have joined which is promote-Her a meet-up to encourage and help women business owners. Then there is Women of purpose and action again these are women who are trying to help the community of women in need. Then I belong to two groups BNI Business Networking International and Santa Clara Chamber. So Theses two groups are actually weekly groups that are supposedly to make connections and help each other with leads. BNI has more rules and regulations than the chamber but your supposedly going to receive when you give.

I like all the groups I'm involved in the people seem nice enough and it is helping get to know the business end of the area. Frankly speaking I'm not sure they really see me as an asset and I don't know that I am yet. Only time will tell I think. It's not so much who I will need but actually who I know who will need I think.

So I have a pretty busy week when I have to go to these meetings and be charming which I have a hard time doing. That will start again tomorrow better get some beauty sleep.

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