Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Attitude

Ok I tried to get some networking people to come over and be my 50 faces was that sooo bad? Actually, no, it really was pretty good. Oh I don't mean like they all came over and we all bonded.  I feel the process I went through was great. I called people about 20-25 women and asked if I could send them an e-vite and most said yes. Then, I found a website that would send free cards. I sent invitations to 14 and actually 2 said yes and actually showed up plus one neighbor.

Now you are probably looking at my numbers and saying hello MacFly?? That isn't really a great turn-out but wait hear me out. The outcome may not have been great but it really helped me fine tune everything. Those that came know that I wouldn't do a hard sell to anyone. I really wouldn't, I want to make friends not scare people. I know what I like and I want people to be comfortable. So they will be able to tell others that if I sent an invitation it's really going to be a nice little event and people will get snacks and drinks and talk.

Calling ahead was a good idea it actually was easier to say I'd like to send you and invitation, the other person would say sure when is it for andthey might back out then and there but they also said maybe the next one. Which helps with the hearing of no. When someone says ok send it and if things change I'll come. That actually helped me with my phone phobia. I am always scared to get anyone on the phone to ask them about having a facial or coming to an event but this was actually very easy by the time I finished with the calls I became very comfortable with the verbage.

My networking on friday morning had lots of people say oh sorry can't go or I'm sorry I didn't get back to you because of this and that. But I was ok with that because I made the move I made an effort.
When I called I didn't give much notice it was a few days away from the weekend and people couldn't come. I think I did that because I was scared they would come and how would I actually accomodate them. Yikes.
I feel better prepared should I actually have another one.

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