Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October let the Holiday marathon begin.

Now I don't know bout you but usually when October comes my world is in a tizzy, yes I said tizzy!

First, its my husbands birthday, then my sons birthday, then its Halloween, here comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, finally New years. sheesh are you tired? I am.

This was always my favorite time of year. The months between October and December go so quickly. My husband refuses to hear my pleas to plan for it. He is in denial every year that the Holidays are here in October. My plan is to decorate before the season passes us by. He has been known to attach our outdoor lights on christmas week. Problem is everyone is busy wrapping presents to go out and see them. I always liked coming home during the Holidays and seeing the lights in the neighborhood. Oh and especially if there was a hint of snow on them they just glowed and it felt so well you know Holiday-ish!

It loses a lot of appeal on december 24. Just sayin.

When we moved to Arizona I was hit with what surprised even me. I met people who set up thier tree
on thanks giving. They keep it up till New years some even longer. But it just blew me away I thought I was doing good if I got the outdoor lights up just by December 1st.

Nope in the warmer climate areas dont know what it is  but these folks take decorating seriously they had me beat, as soon as the first cool breeze rounds that corner Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes, Christmas decorations abound. I have been left holding an ripped box of tinsle with dangling strands of silver from my sweaty palms still wearing my capri pants and sandals. looking around wondering what happened? Seriously, how do we run out of decorations before a Holiday thought is even a glimmer in a childs mind?

So today as I was looking for a basket to put trick or treat candy in the gentlemen said " and we are having a special on all our Halloween products." Really? I didn't even think about decorating for Halloween till almost  the end of the month. Now a days if I want some thing special for the holidays I will have to start thinking about it round the 4th of July. This is really going to mess with my husbands sensibilites.

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