Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Birthday

Yesterday, I turned an age that sounds old. So do I proclaim and embrace it or shun and avoid it? Just recently there was a news blurb that stated, if you state you are younger then you act younger and live longer. Well of course we all want to act younger. Live longer? Well the state of the world may influence that one. I have quite a lot of things I need to get done first.

My feeling is that age has changed a lot at least since I was a child. There are people who are age phobic and those who are older than their actual age. I just want to state that I feel like I am old enough now.   I was too young  at one point then I became too old at another so now I'm old enough.

I can do what ever I want cause I'm still young enough and even if some one says anything (of course they can judge) I'm too old to care.

By the way I turned sixty yesterday.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

#frosty voxbox

My first influenster box #frosty voxbox:

Nyc lipstick rimmel scandaleyes

Candy cane celestials green tea

Not bad candy cane green tea

my first influenster box #frosty voxbox

whew, this is more like work. 

Yes, I received my first influenster box and it is fun to open and get all the free stuff to try. Then you have to post everything, BUT that's fun too! Still you have to take it seriously when you giving your opinion and doesn't everyone want your opinion? NO???

Well here is mine take it or leave it this is the fun stuff and I really look at it from the perspective of a woman with a good opinion. 

first the box is filled with some pretty good stuff. I've posted pictures of the the details and how you can get them. Just a note the No7 protect and perfect intense I got a sample not a full product I did get coupons for  2$ off 1oz at target which is pretty good. also coupons for 55 cents for celestial tea which I will use for my sleeptime herbal love that tea, 

I loved the lipstick only 1.99 and the eyeliner 4.49 not bad and the eco brush is really nice been looking for one like that would have liked it a little smaller but hey can't get everything it is light though and that helps. 


Inside 2

Whats inside?

My influenster box

Sunday, December 7, 2014

craft fair table 2014

Bracelets and earrings

December Craft Fair

OK so I did the craft fair at the Library and although there were some really nice people at the fair working it wasn't the awesomeness I was hoping for. Yes, I think most of the time the ones that are really inexpensive are in fact the least attended. The fairs raising funds by the crafters renting of space but it seems that most of the people, not all but most of them were new to the fair like me. Which means that there weren't very many repeat crafters.

Tons of people with beaded jewelry, fabric crafts like quilts, handmade grocery bags and purses. Knitted items, I got a beautiful quilt that is for when I am chilled at my craft table and fingerless gloves. Very nice but not enough foot traffic.

Oh I had grand hopes as I quickly had a 3 item sale for my first buyer but then I would not see anyone stop for an hour then maybe a 2 item sale after that. the first person wanted to purchase my items I think to copy them she said so actually. Which is really fine with me but she said I was giving them away. I was selling the earrings for 10$ and the bracelets for 15$. Well, I can increase my price or just not worry about it. I know I could charge more because of where I live you can command more but the fact is I have had most of my supplies for a long time and really I don't think I spend more than a few dollars on a pair of earrings. I do think my bracelets are pretty cheap for 15$ again I don't mind that because if I do sell something I want to send the money to a rescue organization.

I have been asking all the new people I have met and know on Facebook where I could donate. I want it to be a rescue organization. Well I have $90 to give them, there is a bracelet going out of town so that may be some more but will see. I did get a check from someone and I am concerned about it cashing with no problem. I have faith it will be fine.

Craft fair

Craft fair

My table wares

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2014 or HEY How did this month creep up on me?

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HEY How did this month creep up on me?
Oh it's what?

My husband always says that and I'm usually counting down from JULY!. Well if you are a crafter or make anything your probably thinking the same as I do. How many days do I have to get ready for my craft fair! Well, that's exactly what I do. Sometimes I'm not always in a craft fair and sometimes I'm just doing a last minute oh here's a fair let me go to this one.

When my sone was not even 2 months old I had gone to my first event. It was located at a community association building in a small town. Loved it! I was very young, how young,  my baby is now 37! Enough said? Anyway, the people around me were so nice they gave the baby his first ornament and although I probably didn't get more than my entrance fee covered. I was addicted.
one of my babies

My socialization at the time wasn't filled with parent and baby groups. That didn't start until well years later. Since meetups were not organized on the web and invitations weren't sent through email I had to scour ads in newspapers, penny savers, and check local church and organizations regarding up coming craft fairs.

First, I went to these fairs and realized hey I can do better! (Don't we all say that?) My specialty at the time was making Gingerbread Houses. NOW stop right there remember this is during the time when pre-made Gingerbread Houses didn't exist. There were no patterns or recipes or boxes with pre-formed ginger bread. AHHA no.My recipe came from years as a teenager trying to figure out how to accomplish the task of making a gingerbread house. I failed miserably with real gingerbread. Although I did have fans of the base made of ginger. Eventually at the tender age of 17 I figured out from a recipe, my grandmothers cook book had, to use a ginger cookie recipe and eventually that worked. I must admit it was quite a big thing back in the day because no one did that themselves. I would buy my add on, things like fuzzy Santas, angels, or reindeer during the end of the Holiday sales. I would have them for the next year.

Eventually, I decided that fairs don't really work if your selling Gingerbread houses. People look once and move on, so I tried several different things. My second attempt at finding my niche was selling miniatures. After attending the miniature enthusiasts conference in NY I was hooked on all things tiny. I made things out of balsa wood and bread dough and lamps out of beads. Here is were it gets to become a problem. I found that I was enamored by anything crafty. I tried to make, jewelry, embroider, stitch, clay, stamp or fold paper. I was hooked on creating, yes, I did hook a pillow. Moving on.

While living in New York state I figured out how to get into the fairs during Holiday season. Actually that was the only time I was available during that part of my life. In Arizona, it took a little more hunting by then the computer was showing it's usefulness. Instead of going through every local paper and hunting down signs around town. (A good way to note places that do have craft fairs and ask when they plan their event so you can get on their list for the next year.) Check out websites in churches, local charity organizations, farmers markets depending on your locale. Just be open and ask especially now.

At one point I was invited to shows while I was showing at one and you have to judge it based on your needs. Some of these places are just starting and typically are not huge. However, if they have the potential of becoming huge you'll be in just be aware the first year is typically a low volume on new fairs.

There are sites that promote fairs and you can join them for a fee or just look to see what's coming up and then go check it out as a customer.

There are plenty of organizers who work with local areas and they bring craft fairs in on a rotating basis.Type in fairs, art shows, whatever it is you do probably has a website that tells you about locations of fairs.  This is great if you want to do something monthly. Remember to have your items ready before the Holiday. So like any good crafter we're making valentines products now.

Was that my husband who just sighed?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 2014

OH I know I say I'm going to keep in touch and then wham! I get slammed with things to do. It certainly doesn't matter I only have two subscribers right now and they most likely don't read the postings. I think one of them is my son. Ha

This month has been really fast. We started working but the "Spa" isn't ready to open yet. First, we had to get some things changed. Just about finished with that. We didn't have room for our supplies nor did the designer even consider function in the design. Not one I would choose cause who cares if your design is pretty if we have no place to store our sanitized towels we have no customers. Idiot!

Yes, I said idiot. He didn't consider the ergonomics for the workers, he didn't think about the licensing  requirements for the "SPA" to even be able to open. UGH it bothers me when your not considering the others in this process. Ask them what they need. How will this be used. You want to make something that is yours then make ART! IDIOT.

Now we have to wait because the floor is peeling up because of some reason or another.

On the bright side we did have test appointments and saw how the process will go and we did get that accomplished. Loved working and helping people feel better about them selves. ahhhh nirvana.

But, this month is also Rose's birthday month and my kind son sent me a text to tell me he loves me on that date. What an awesome man he is. I am still processing her death and the drama around that. Can't say this last 5 months have been easy, just getting through. They had a memorial for her right after her cremation. I didn't go I thought about putting up a ancestor altar but this isn't our home we are just renting, so for me it just seems awkward. I feel like we are only here for a short while and nothing is really going to be able to stay where it is for long.

I'll revisit that after the Holidays. Well I am trying to also get ready for my first craft fair here in this state. we shall see how it works out. I have been accumulating my wares. I don't have too much. but I'm only planning on doing one show. I might start and etsy site if it doesn't work out.

I'll try to post some pics here so you can see.

Happy Holidays for November, be safe if your traveling.

 one of my bracelets.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Creating Holiday Wares

Well, I sent out an application to a craft fair in the town near me. It's like 2 streets over from where we live. They said I had to be jury-ed in to be able to participate. Hopefully I get to go because I am thinking it is how I will be able to meet people in the area isn't it? Have to participate in activities but I hate joining groups because one of two things happens. One they want you to run for a position or volunteer for something. Or two it costs every time you turn around it is costing you something.

I finally figured out I didn't have to be the person to do everything. I could say no. The other thing I have no money, So working a craft fair seems to be the best of both words getting.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11 2014 walking dead weekend

I am just so excited about the "Walking Deads" return on Sunday.
Just wondering if it's going to be what we all are anticipating or are we just going to get our fill of the same old, good people gone wrong, gone back, gone bad, gone walker.

Well, I'll still hang in there until I am completely disappointed week after week. Moments of season 3 seemed like that I have to say. I might have had moments of oh are you kidding me? The bottom line is I would trudge through till the next week and it would pay off with some", Oh I can't believe they did that! Followed by "THEY KILLED WHO?" Gotta love those moments as well as hate them when we loose characters that we have an attachment.

Like real life we never know when we are going to lose someone we love and when it happens we are devastated by it and we have no time to process. So why do we enjoy watching a program that would re enact those moments of making attachments and then facing the lose. Well, I have a theory, that we know in the back of our mind that we will see that actor or actress and that gives us comfort.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 days of crafts for October fall 2014

Hello my wonderours ones.

I am doing a 31 days of crafts video which I will attempt to post here. If not you can find it on youtube, mottmaryanne I think. I'll check that and fix if I am wrong. 
I am also in RADIANT FACES with Effy Wild and her amazing teachers. It's starting out to be something you won't want to miss. I'll post about how I do and my results but please go check out Effy's site. 

Not only am I doing Radiant Faces but also am at month 10 for LifeBook 2014. Here is the link for 2015 (I hope) Tam is an awesome artist and if nothing else you must go and see her work. I'll do a video about my Life Book work soon.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy Fall, Happy Harvest?

Hope this finds anyone who actually does read this, besides me, well. Yes it's been a long time. Since my sister/cousin passed away, I just didn't have any thing to write about. Now well I guess with the change in season I'm starting to feel like getting into the season. I used to love, love, love the fall Holidays and decorate from October till December. That really hasn't happened in a long long time.

I will post a few pictures of what I have been doing. Hope you enjoy them and I'll try to get some how to's up loaded, although there are tons of really neat how to's on youtube already I intend to see if I can recreate what is done and I'll critique the process. Thanks

Bright Beautiful Blessings

Black water color on watercolor paper

 I had these leaf beads for ages, I had hopes of creating this awesome bracelet with them but found no inspiration. This is what I finally decided to do with them. Since I have them I'll use them as earrings and the worst case scenario is if I'm inspired I can always take em apart.
finally the left over bead bracelet, while looking at some pintrest pictures I saw a bracelet similar to this and decided hey I can do this. Not sure if it's even close can't seem to locate the picture anymore.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

Today is friday the thirteenth, it is one time I am hoping that the unlucky notion of that date actually works. My family has been hit by that demon cancer, again. This time it's taking a younger life, she's only 54. It is the most brutal thing to watch a younger person die. She's only four years younger but I still feel like I have some youth in me why not her? It would be humane if she passed as she slept rather than be aware of her inability to breathe. At times I think she believes it's temporary or she just doesn't want to admit to the inevitable outloud.

We all know the end is comimg she has progressed with this disease faster than I ever heard. The oncologist says its an aggressive cancer. That is true! On May 12 she called me to tell me she was brought to the hospital and diagnosed with a tumor on her brain. With no warning a month later we are back in the  same hospital waiting and hating this ugly evil disease.

I haven't cried much really. Not when I first saw her and saw her thinning hair from radiation. I didn't cry when I shaved her head. Not when I cleaned up because she couldn't make the toilet. Or even when I had helped her bathe. Avoided crying when she refused to go to the Doctor and stayed in bed all day not eating or drinking. The first time tears came up and filled my eyes is when people in her complex offered help. I avoided crying as often as I could and everytime she looked at me I would smile.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's been a year,now, who do you know?

When we got to California I had to find something to do. Since I was a Mary Kay consultant I wanted so much to be successful and decided I would promote my business and meet some new friends.
First, I checked meetup groups that would fit my interests and audience.  I went to my first one which was on a Sunday and there were only 3-4 women in attendance. It was the first time they were offering it on a Sunday and not many women came. Mostly they meet once a month on a Tuesday. OK, I can do that.

At this meeting I was advised to get involved with the local Chamber of Commerce. Now the woman who leads the group is awesome and she has been trying to help me in any way she can. I was all set. She said, "stick with me and you will be busy". I wanted my business to be busy. My first meeting at the Tuesday group I met one of my Mary Kay sisters. I felt so awkward! we really try to keep away from each others customers. I assumed rightly so that she had this group covered and I didn't feel it was right to stay and promote my business as I would have felt funny if someone did that to me. Now I learned some places limit business representatives to one area so as not to compete.

Well, I then went on to the Chamber meeting. Being new in town the Chamber was a good way for me to learn about the town and it's businesses. There were groups and mixers you could go to meet other business owners maybe you could partner with. My first mixer I go to I meet one of the women I met from the Chamber group. Hey hi how are you? She told me was that she was a Mary Kay consultant. (Sad face here but moving on) Well, she wasn't representing her Mary Kay business at the chamber but seriously definitely wasn't any opportunity for me here. What do you say to that? I was caught off guard totally.  Alright, no worries, I continue. I did get to know the area as I attended the meetings and some mixers. I just couldn't deal with the whole, "hi, my name is blah blah and what do you do?" Aaack!

Then I thought I am going to go to the women's group and see how I feel there. Well, I get there and guess what? No Mary Kay consultants! It was a luncheon and lots of different women and it was really neat. Except, there were so many rows of tables in this one little room that once you found a place to sit don't you dare try to leave cause everyone in the row will have to move to let you out.

(Some one explain why tiny, petite, skinny, women have to sit on the edge of their chairs? Then when you say "excuse me?" they pull their chair in a half an inch! Then you have to interrupt them again by saying I'm sorry can you let me out? or try to get by and our bust, belly or bustle hits someone in the head!)

OK, second attempt different women's group. In this group everyone either sells diet products, jewelry, skin care and or cosmetics. Moving on.

There is a variety of groups I was invited to go to all of them. One was a group that you never ask anyone what they do when you meet. You set up a time to get to know each other. Sharing the time slot equally and learning about the others business. My first time this guy was so friendly then he talked the entire time about his weight loss program. Oh yeah I am over weight I noticed.

Another women's group meeting I engage conversation with a woman who also had a weight loss program. At the same women's group I meet this woman who is my age and we go have coffee and she not only had a weight loss program but vitamins, skin care and wait for it...cosmetics. Yeah, I make friends easy especially if they have a diet program for me.

At one mixer I am trying to figure out what I am doing here and this owner of a gym comes over and no he didn't try to get me to lose weight. He found out what I did and asked how was the group helping me with my business.  I explained I was looking to partner with a small business to do a customer appreciation day. I explained my part in it and how it would benefit both. He said come to my gym I am having a customer appreciation day next month. Stunned I put it on my calendar.

I did the customer appreciation day and I met a very friendly fun woman who didn't have a weight loss program for me. She actually invited me to meet another business group where I actually met a few women who were really neat and interesting and wanted to get to know me and actually it was worth the weight I mean wait.
to be cont'd

Monday, May 5, 2014

Dog photo

They look so cute here! It took about 10 shots to finally get one that would be posted. Even though they were trained to sit and wait, if you don't keep practicing they don't listen. Why should they? If your not going to be consistent what is the point?

Sadly, it reminds me of all the things I wanted to do with the dogs and never got around to it. I so wanted to make one of them a therapy dog. Especially since they were lap dogs. I think when I am no longer able to have dogs, it would be nice to have someone visit me with a lap dog to cuddle. I love the smell of their fur after they have been outside in the fresh air and sun.

So maybe I can't get them to become a therapy dog now, they are too old and I am not consistent enough. But they are therapy for me.

Friday, April 25, 2014

April is almost gone.

Well I sent out my pre-registration to take my test as an Esthetician in the state of California. I have finished all but 150 hours and my final exam at the school. Truly was a really good idea to do this. I am very glad I went and I have had a lot of fun.
There is an enormous amount of different people here in this part of the California and I don't mean just various types of people I mean people from different countries and cultures. It's been amazing how many different languages are a spoken at the school.  One of my classmates is from Armenia and she had just been in this country for a few months when I met her. Her English is really improving and we use an ipod translator for the times either one of us can't think of the correct way to describe something. She's such a sweetie and she is gorgeous!
Lots of the women are really interesting and beautiful people. They are all different ages from the 18 year old to the 60 year old. What is fun is we are all learning from each other and having a great time. When one of the ladies graduates usually the ones who have known them for awhile will get a card and several will go get balloons or flowers sometimes the graduate brings food to share or buys pizza. It is such a celebration when they finally finish and everyone is happy and sad at the same time. Happy to see someone accomplish their goal and sad because they are moving on and will be missed.
One of the manicurist left and I miss her laugh and beautiful smile. She always is smiling and would giggle at my jokes. The whole room seems to change when someone new comes in or when someone we have known leaves.
There are days when there is an announcement that someone has passed the boards and received their license. We all cheer even if we don't recognize the name because we want to have our name announced. When someone is about to clock out for the last time, they announce that and we all cheer then too. I think it's a great tradition we should celebrate every moment that is joyful. On a recent occasion one graduate clocked out for the last time and she then danced in Bollywood style in celebration. She was proud and happy and I envied her self confidence in that moment. I wonder what I should do?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sweet sping!

Love the feeling of cool rain when the season changes. It's been a long time since I have seen the " normal" spring buds and cool rain. When living in the desert you don't see the "spring" buds in quite the same way and there are times I wondered if the Monsoons would ever abate.

Now, I am relearning about the gentle spring rains and the need for the water especially here in California. So when the clouds pull in for a few days and the rain seems like it will never end, I take joy in knowing this is a treat because soon I will be enveloped with the smell of sweet roses, calle lilies and fressia.

Sweet Spring.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Awesome day today a little rain a little sun a little breeze. Spring and with spring comes the buds, the bugs and the bulbs can't wait for the flowers to pop! Do you have a favorite flower ? I love the smell of Freesia I think that's how it's spelled , When we go out into our garden we can smell the Calla Lillies and they remind me of the Freesia's.I think I actually love any flower that has a nice fragrance. I enjoy smelling the Roses here in California.
 In my front yard my neighbors Roses are all buds and these colors are awesome! Note the two-tone colors these are natural. LOVE it.

 Share your favorite flower with me post below.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Life book 2014 I have enjoyed some of the different artist renditions of what we are doing this week. Here is my take on one. The artist who inspired this loves to do whimsical and I can see why. I am loving it too. I certainly did not come up with this out of my own head so I do not take credit for this. It certainly does not look at all like the pics the artist Lynn Colwell had done you have to check out her work she is doing a seris of whimsical art. Really cool stuff. 

 Notice the mice and lady bug. hehehe


These are my blob drawing. Watered paint blobs and what I saw in them.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alright I am trying to get my blog going on weebly and it is confusing me so much. I can't keep adding to both so I might have to drop the weebly site because I just don't understand how it works.

Lots don't like this blogger but so far it's been working for me.

So my post for today it that something is in the works and I will let you know what it is when the plan is in place. Yes, it has to do with education.
This is a pretty boring post but I was told you have to get into the habit of posting every week or every day so that you get into a habit. So soon to share again. ta ta for now. m

Sunday, January 26, 2014

pictures uploaded vds next

 line drawings trick is to not pick up your pen. very tough but interesting.

oh boy finally got pictures uploaded. Now i want to be  able to upload a video. i know how to post to you tube but the real trick  is editing. I'm really wanting to get better at this but i can see you have to try and actually make mistakes to learn it. such fun. No one likes making mistakes. I'm in there with that and there are a lot of people scared to post their work because it didn't meet their inner critic. That certainly has to be difficult. I accept my shortcomings as an artist. I'm a newborn in this realm. So I appreciate critics, because I know an accept who I am in this process.

I wonder if as I get better if I will become more critical of myself?

lifebook 2014

trying so hard to get how to use these blogs . Stay tuned and see if this old dog learns new tricks.

OK here are the pics for my one string art. drawing something with out lifting the pencil off the paper.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January blahs...

Ok so I am on a journey with my Art. Well, I call it art it's better than the jewelry although lots of people liked my jewelry I found it was lacking. It didn't meet my expectations and I wasn't happy with the outcomes of some of my pieces. I was lucky to get a scholarship to to Life book 2014 if you have no idea what that is go to Tamara Laporte's site I hope you enjoy her work as musch as I do. She is not only an amazing artist she has this way of making you feel so appreciated and honored. I am so very happy I have this opportunity to do this.

Each week we have some kind of art exploration that pushes our boundaries, at least mine, and makes you create some thing you never dreamed you could. I will try to post my first several items here. I have them on facebook we shall see if I can manage the whole blog process.

Speaking of process so  many of the participants are very critical of their work and I realize that is probably my problem too. However, they have some awesome, amazing art and I love what they have done. So sorry it's a private group and I can't share their work. So if you have every wanted to expand your inner artist and see what you CAN do go to Tamara's site and check out her blog. She does give you some free lessons too so you might like to join us. Oh I forgot there are different artists teaching every week so you get to try things you never did but you may find a technique you love, love, love.. I can't get past my inner guardian art muse and I keep sketching and playing that I haven't completed week 4. oh well.

Gee I was blah but as I was writing about the art I suddenly got all inspired to some more. I think I shall.

This is from week 1 my inner guardian art muse and my word is to attend meaning I will be present in the moment and not let myself get side tracked. If I promise to be I will. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jamboree 2014 California

Really a great time to have an event it kick started me into getting my goal going. Loved it.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

my work space with Tater


lifebook 2014

soon to begin the art process this year lifbook 2014

I'll post pics and comment as I get started. be kind as I am just learning how to use all this new stuff.

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