Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January blahs...

Ok so I am on a journey with my Art. Well, I call it art it's better than the jewelry although lots of people liked my jewelry I found it was lacking. It didn't meet my expectations and I wasn't happy with the outcomes of some of my pieces. I was lucky to get a scholarship to to Life book 2014 if you have no idea what that is go to Tamara Laporte's site I hope you enjoy her work as musch as I do. She is not only an amazing artist she has this way of making you feel so appreciated and honored. I am so very happy I have this opportunity to do this.

Each week we have some kind of art exploration that pushes our boundaries, at least mine, and makes you create some thing you never dreamed you could. I will try to post my first several items here. I have them on facebook we shall see if I can manage the whole blog process.

Speaking of process so  many of the participants are very critical of their work and I realize that is probably my problem too. However, they have some awesome, amazing art and I love what they have done. So sorry it's a private group and I can't share their work. So if you have every wanted to expand your inner artist and see what you CAN do go to Tamara's site and check out her blog. She does give you some free lessons too so you might like to join us. Oh I forgot there are different artists teaching every week so you get to try things you never did but you may find a technique you love, love, love.. I can't get past my inner guardian art muse and I keep sketching and playing that I haven't completed week 4. oh well.

Gee I was blah but as I was writing about the art I suddenly got all inspired to some more. I think I shall.

This is from week 1 my inner guardian art muse and my word is to attend meaning I will be present in the moment and not let myself get side tracked. If I promise to be I will. 

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