Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy Fall, Happy Harvest?

Hope this finds anyone who actually does read this, besides me, well. Yes it's been a long time. Since my sister/cousin passed away, I just didn't have any thing to write about. Now well I guess with the change in season I'm starting to feel like getting into the season. I used to love, love, love the fall Holidays and decorate from October till December. That really hasn't happened in a long long time.

I will post a few pictures of what I have been doing. Hope you enjoy them and I'll try to get some how to's up loaded, although there are tons of really neat how to's on youtube already I intend to see if I can recreate what is done and I'll critique the process. Thanks

Bright Beautiful Blessings

Black water color on watercolor paper

 I had these leaf beads for ages, I had hopes of creating this awesome bracelet with them but found no inspiration. This is what I finally decided to do with them. Since I have them I'll use them as earrings and the worst case scenario is if I'm inspired I can always take em apart.
finally the left over bead bracelet, while looking at some pintrest pictures I saw a bracelet similar to this and decided hey I can do this. Not sure if it's even close can't seem to locate the picture anymore.

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