Saturday, October 18, 2014

Creating Holiday Wares

Well, I sent out an application to a craft fair in the town near me. It's like 2 streets over from where we live. They said I had to be jury-ed in to be able to participate. Hopefully I get to go because I am thinking it is how I will be able to meet people in the area isn't it? Have to participate in activities but I hate joining groups because one of two things happens. One they want you to run for a position or volunteer for something. Or two it costs every time you turn around it is costing you something.

I finally figured out I didn't have to be the person to do everything. I could say no. The other thing I have no money, So working a craft fair seems to be the best of both words getting.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11 2014 walking dead weekend

I am just so excited about the "Walking Deads" return on Sunday.
Just wondering if it's going to be what we all are anticipating or are we just going to get our fill of the same old, good people gone wrong, gone back, gone bad, gone walker.

Well, I'll still hang in there until I am completely disappointed week after week. Moments of season 3 seemed like that I have to say. I might have had moments of oh are you kidding me? The bottom line is I would trudge through till the next week and it would pay off with some", Oh I can't believe they did that! Followed by "THEY KILLED WHO?" Gotta love those moments as well as hate them when we loose characters that we have an attachment.

Like real life we never know when we are going to lose someone we love and when it happens we are devastated by it and we have no time to process. So why do we enjoy watching a program that would re enact those moments of making attachments and then facing the lose. Well, I have a theory, that we know in the back of our mind that we will see that actor or actress and that gives us comfort.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 days of crafts for October fall 2014

Hello my wonderours ones.

I am doing a 31 days of crafts video which I will attempt to post here. If not you can find it on youtube, mottmaryanne I think. I'll check that and fix if I am wrong. 
I am also in RADIANT FACES with Effy Wild and her amazing teachers. It's starting out to be something you won't want to miss. I'll post about how I do and my results but please go check out Effy's site. 

Not only am I doing Radiant Faces but also am at month 10 for LifeBook 2014. Here is the link for 2015 (I hope) Tam is an awesome artist and if nothing else you must go and see her work. I'll do a video about my Life Book work soon.

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