Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11 2014 walking dead weekend

I am just so excited about the "Walking Deads" return on Sunday.
Just wondering if it's going to be what we all are anticipating or are we just going to get our fill of the same old, good people gone wrong, gone back, gone bad, gone walker.

Well, I'll still hang in there until I am completely disappointed week after week. Moments of season 3 seemed like that I have to say. I might have had moments of oh are you kidding me? The bottom line is I would trudge through till the next week and it would pay off with some", Oh I can't believe they did that! Followed by "THEY KILLED WHO?" Gotta love those moments as well as hate them when we loose characters that we have an attachment.

Like real life we never know when we are going to lose someone we love and when it happens we are devastated by it and we have no time to process. So why do we enjoy watching a program that would re enact those moments of making attachments and then facing the lose. Well, I have a theory, that we know in the back of our mind that we will see that actor or actress and that gives us comfort.

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