Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 2014

OH I know I say I'm going to keep in touch and then wham! I get slammed with things to do. It certainly doesn't matter I only have two subscribers right now and they most likely don't read the postings. I think one of them is my son. Ha

This month has been really fast. We started working but the "Spa" isn't ready to open yet. First, we had to get some things changed. Just about finished with that. We didn't have room for our supplies nor did the designer even consider function in the design. Not one I would choose cause who cares if your design is pretty if we have no place to store our sanitized towels we have no customers. Idiot!

Yes, I said idiot. He didn't consider the ergonomics for the workers, he didn't think about the licensing  requirements for the "SPA" to even be able to open. UGH it bothers me when your not considering the others in this process. Ask them what they need. How will this be used. You want to make something that is yours then make ART! IDIOT.

Now we have to wait because the floor is peeling up because of some reason or another.

On the bright side we did have test appointments and saw how the process will go and we did get that accomplished. Loved working and helping people feel better about them selves. ahhhh nirvana.

But, this month is also Rose's birthday month and my kind son sent me a text to tell me he loves me on that date. What an awesome man he is. I am still processing her death and the drama around that. Can't say this last 5 months have been easy, just getting through. They had a memorial for her right after her cremation. I didn't go I thought about putting up a ancestor altar but this isn't our home we are just renting, so for me it just seems awkward. I feel like we are only here for a short while and nothing is really going to be able to stay where it is for long.

I'll revisit that after the Holidays. Well I am trying to also get ready for my first craft fair here in this state. we shall see how it works out. I have been accumulating my wares. I don't have too much. but I'm only planning on doing one show. I might start and etsy site if it doesn't work out.

I'll try to post some pics here so you can see.

Happy Holidays for November, be safe if your traveling.

 one of my bracelets.

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