Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Craft Fair

OK so I did the craft fair at the Library and although there were some really nice people at the fair working it wasn't the awesomeness I was hoping for. Yes, I think most of the time the ones that are really inexpensive are in fact the least attended. The fairs raising funds by the crafters renting of space but it seems that most of the people, not all but most of them were new to the fair like me. Which means that there weren't very many repeat crafters.

Tons of people with beaded jewelry, fabric crafts like quilts, handmade grocery bags and purses. Knitted items, I got a beautiful quilt that is for when I am chilled at my craft table and fingerless gloves. Very nice but not enough foot traffic.

Oh I had grand hopes as I quickly had a 3 item sale for my first buyer but then I would not see anyone stop for an hour then maybe a 2 item sale after that. the first person wanted to purchase my items I think to copy them she said so actually. Which is really fine with me but she said I was giving them away. I was selling the earrings for 10$ and the bracelets for 15$. Well, I can increase my price or just not worry about it. I know I could charge more because of where I live you can command more but the fact is I have had most of my supplies for a long time and really I don't think I spend more than a few dollars on a pair of earrings. I do think my bracelets are pretty cheap for 15$ again I don't mind that because if I do sell something I want to send the money to a rescue organization.

I have been asking all the new people I have met and know on Facebook where I could donate. I want it to be a rescue organization. Well I have $90 to give them, there is a bracelet going out of town so that may be some more but will see. I did get a check from someone and I am concerned about it cashing with no problem. I have faith it will be fine.

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