Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Birthday

Yesterday, I turned an age that sounds old. So do I proclaim and embrace it or shun and avoid it? Just recently there was a news blurb that stated, if you state you are younger then you act younger and live longer. Well of course we all want to act younger. Live longer? Well the state of the world may influence that one. I have quite a lot of things I need to get done first.

My feeling is that age has changed a lot at least since I was a child. There are people who are age phobic and those who are older than their actual age. I just want to state that I feel like I am old enough now.   I was too young  at one point then I became too old at another so now I'm old enough.

I can do what ever I want cause I'm still young enough and even if some one says anything (of course they can judge) I'm too old to care.

By the way I turned sixty yesterday.

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