Saturday, December 20, 2014

my first influenster box #frosty voxbox

whew, this is more like work. 

Yes, I received my first influenster box and it is fun to open and get all the free stuff to try. Then you have to post everything, BUT that's fun too! Still you have to take it seriously when you giving your opinion and doesn't everyone want your opinion? NO???

Well here is mine take it or leave it this is the fun stuff and I really look at it from the perspective of a woman with a good opinion. 

first the box is filled with some pretty good stuff. I've posted pictures of the the details and how you can get them. Just a note the No7 protect and perfect intense I got a sample not a full product I did get coupons for  2$ off 1oz at target which is pretty good. also coupons for 55 cents for celestial tea which I will use for my sleeptime herbal love that tea, 

I loved the lipstick only 1.99 and the eyeliner 4.49 not bad and the eco brush is really nice been looking for one like that would have liked it a little smaller but hey can't get everything it is light though and that helps. 

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