Friday, March 6, 2015

Fairies, Fun and Failures?

Hi All,

I know I know how can I be a blogger if all I do is one post in a billion days! The whole process of posting should be one that has interesting information but sometimes we get sidetracked. Right?

 Enough said about that! So on to the fairies! YAY

I did a very short video on my making a tiny fairy for my fairy door.

Cute but again lacking in the department of giving instructions. So below is my updated version of how to accomplish the fairy I developed.

Remember that sometimes what is in your head isn't always going to develop with the materials you have on hand. The way you manipulate the items you have impact the design but also so does materials and fate. YES fate! I have found through lucky accidents that sometimes my designs are better for the accidents.

Now maybe your not as happy when what your doing doesn't work out to the design you had in mind but consider this maybe it's not supposed to. I know bad grammar.

If not for these happy accidents how would I have figured out some of the designs I have done? It's possible that it's a part of the exploration of art itself requires fails. I should be the grans master of art then, because I have failed more often then I feel I have succeeded.

Give your self time to learn about the materials you are working with. If you have never played with clay, how do you expect to understand the properties of clay? I am still learning about timing and baking temperatures. I have played with clay and enjoy trying out new designs but if I want a completed project that has little errors I have to go back to what I have put more time in and that is beading.

Even then when I bead a item one slip up and I have to start over again.

It's our nature to fail. We have to to develop our creative side. If every time we did something and it came out perfectly we would not be curious, we would not be tenacious, we would be boring little entities.

Keep trying, hugs

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