Sunday, May 24, 2015


allergies everywhere

Yes, it's allergy season. With that comes the sneezing, sniffling and coughing. Triggered by some random pollen flying in the wind.

 In my case that allergy was triggered by the products used in the acrylic nails practice. So, everyone who apparently knew better than I said why weren't you wearing gloves? Isn't it wonderful when you can admonish someone after the fact? Gotta love humanity they love to kick you when your down. In an effort to make them look worried and caring they tell you how stupid you were for not being prepared.

The honest truth is that I have never had an allergic reaction from the acrylic nails. I would get them myself and nothing happened. When the demonstration for acrylic nails happened in school, not one teacher wore gloves. Now that doesn't mean I shouldn't be prepared it just means that when recreating the process gloves were not first on list.

 Ok so now I know that the time I spent practicing with the acrylic and filing that dust on my hands created a tipping point where I woke up with swollen hands and that awful painful itch that nothing not even threat of death stopped me from scratching.

Then all of a sudden everyone is shocked and wondered why I didn't wear gloves. Look folks, some people wear gloves and if I thought I might get a reaction I would have had them on double! No one in their right mind want to have any thing horrible happen to them, especially hands. Think about it, everything I do involves the use of your hands. I felt like a toddler trying to open jars or water bottles. Dropping things left and right thinking I had them firmly in my fat little fingers.

Yes, I saw my doctor or at least the one on call since I didn't care who saw me as long as they went to medical school and passed. They checked my lungs cause I had an awful cough with itching in my ears and throat. As well as the swelling and itch on my hands. I was prescribed a lotion and a nasal spray.

 I am now fully equipped with gloves and a mask when I do my acrylics I will be doing them at least one for the test for manicurists. Then maybe that will be it, but there are so many cute things you can do with this product.

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