Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SHARPIE Nail Art! Neon Flaming Skulls Nail Design Tutorial

My favorite nail tutor Robin Moses. I haven;t been able to get close to her talented art work yet but I strive for it.

Please subscribe to her channel. Even if you don't do nails, the art she does is amazing on those tiny canvas'. You might be inspired.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

#lovesummerart amazing

The weekend has been un-real. I have been busy getting my youtube postings uploaded and I keep trying to make it better.

This youtube event is so exciting. In search put in #lovesummerart and all the creative artsy people who are involved will have new posts about their process and art and crafts and creating musings. It's for anyone who is looking loving and longing for artistic creative videos.

I for one cannot get through it all in one sitting. One moment I'm on a video and the next I want to created then I want to go see what's happening next.

The best bet is to go and like the video's so you can go back and finish watching them. I also think that putting in the media you would like to see is also helpful for example; #lovesummerart polymer clay.... of #lovesummerart acrylic painings. see? You can try everyday this weekend and it will be different each day.

I am so stoked about this I can't stop checking the channel. Come on and join


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love summer art

Hey everyone follow me on YouTube mimi's musings.
July 17-20 put #lovesummerart in search bar and have a plethora off wonderful art from diverse artist. Come join us.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fifth of July 2015 Entry

Every year I like to start with a clean area well at least organized area. This year is no different than any other here it is July and I am still wallowing in a mess. My interests have grown in so many different ways that I find it hard to focus on one thing. Yesterday, I went from polymer clay to beading. When I put the polymer in the oven off I went to bead some. Then once in a while I would get out a brush and my paint and practice my brush strokes.

Talk about being A.D.D.!  My newest interest stems from my manicuring class that I am taking. I find those tiny little works of art to be so intriguing. Miniatures have always fascinated me, I have a great respect for those who can replicate an item into it's miniature twin. To me the nail art is a perfect way to project your style and interests. 

See the following Nail artists and follow them to understand what I mean.




Now there are tons more online that will wow you but these three artists are very different that's what I like actually. Variety.


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