Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fifth of July 2015 Entry

Every year I like to start with a clean area well at least organized area. This year is no different than any other here it is July and I am still wallowing in a mess. My interests have grown in so many different ways that I find it hard to focus on one thing. Yesterday, I went from polymer clay to beading. When I put the polymer in the oven off I went to bead some. Then once in a while I would get out a brush and my paint and practice my brush strokes.

Talk about being A.D.D.!  My newest interest stems from my manicuring class that I am taking. I find those tiny little works of art to be so intriguing. Miniatures have always fascinated me, I have a great respect for those who can replicate an item into it's miniature twin. To me the nail art is a perfect way to project your style and interests. 

See the following Nail artists and follow them to understand what I mean.

Now there are tons more online that will wow you but these three artists are very different that's what I like actually. Variety.

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