Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1, 2015

Daylight savings time and it is Sunday night. I thought I would have gotten an extra hour sleep but no. When I woke up I thought it was almost 10:00. It wasn't even 8 am. ugh.

Seems I am going to have to post at night since I can't seem to get all my desires done during the day. So I'll be a day behind. No worries thou I have always been a day late and dollar short.

My youtube channel Mimi's musings has not been active for about a month maybe with very little action. I know that followers prefer continuous postings but this is for fun and some weeks there isn't much to jabber about.

I like to think that people don't want to waste their precious time so I will try to be quick and simple.

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching. I am planning to do a calender to send away to my niece and nephew so come over and watch me try to dothat this month. TTFN

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