Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016 Happy New Year

          Happy New Year Everyone! 2016 has arrived. 

Are you tired of it yet? Every email I have gotten has had some form of merriment holiday greetings or New Year greetings. For those that don't want to say Merry Christmas. Heck I don't really care what you say as long as you wish me well. I'll do the same for you. 

I can't believe all of the things I want to accomplish in just this month alone. There are tons of artists who have classes starting the I want to be a part of and yet I can't. Now don't get me wrong I am taking part in several arty adventures and I want to share that process (I will on youtube mimi's musings) But I know I can't do it all financially sure but physically more so. I already have a room to myself and lots of my crafty supplies fall over into boxes outside the room mind you. I can't have my space make it impossible for me to work. Time I work and I am limited to the amount of precious time I can put into my "hobby"

Ok so here are a few of the lusciousness I wanted to be a part of please go check them out if you wish.

Life Book:
Possibly the most important class I ever took in my life. It exposed me to several different styles of artists as well as gave me the confidence to continue. I also have to say that I was totally blessed by finding this class. More later.

She has loads of just fun things to do and learn and share. Your have to subscribe to this lady just for her lovely enthusiasm. It's contagious. 
Another place you absolutely must go to is to Jennibellies youtube video's that is where all of my nonsense began. I made a journal out of christmas cards. (Youtube video in future.)

Jane Davenport:
I have taken several classes with Jane and I love when her dogs get into the frame of her videos so check out her youtube videos too! They are very affordable and you have the feeling of being her bestie when your done. How can you not feel loved when someone smiles at you all the time. She just makes you feel like she is having the best time in her life and you get happy too. I don't know how she does it.

She speaks to me in so many ways and I am always awed at what she does. I want you to go check out her blog and really look through what she has to offer. If you do nothing else learn how she suggests to go through a class. I will never take a class the same way again. I am not going to let the cat out of the bag but it is a process that helps you to retain more information and get more of your monies worth out of any class you take.

Polymer Clay Adventure;
A truly inspiring group of women, who I started this adventure last year. It was a birthday gift to myself. A year of Polymer Clay Art with different teachers, handouts, videos and of course good information regarding supplies and tools that you can get on this site as well. Don't judge me of course I bought stuff. It was fun we did swaps and get to see everyones style I loved it.

So what am I doing this year? Well go check out these beautiful people and their amazing sites and I'll get back to you next week. I have already joined two of the above and I am trying to make sure I don't overwhelm. We'll talk next week. Hugs baby bears.

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