Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 9th 2016

Well beginning of the year and I have been very busy, spent the first part of this year with my Dad and Pat in Florida that was fun. I so enjoy being with them but I miss my home I loved when we lived across the street from each other. We could celebrate the Holidays and then go home to our own beds and no worries about the puppies. Sigh, I miss them. So I am back and recouped somewhat from my flight arrrgh I hate the flying thing. only cause it's 6 hours from destination a to be.

You will not believe how old he is and he still goes around does chores, helps friends, keeps himself busy as much as he can.

Such a week I know I promised to tell you about the new year tutorials I am going to do this year. Well I hope you checked out all the wonderful ones I hooked you up with.

Well the first one I joined was actually a birthday gift Jane Davenport's love her to pieces.
Image result for jane davenport

The second one is Jennibellies goal setting class yes I have great trouble keeping tabs on my youtube channel my blog and my art goals. So I hope this helps.

Then I bought myself another copy of Leonie Dawson Create your shining year 2016 of course

Image result for leonie dawson 2016 I have last years and did okay but it got away from me. This year she has a date book that I was going to incorporate into my art goals.

THE Art Sherpa Cinnamon Cooney has a tutorial available that is going to take me from nothing to novice in my acrylic painting. Hope you'll watch for my uploads of photos for that. I'm about two weeks off on that one.

Image result for art sherpa Best Part? It's freeeeeeeee

Last but not least I am trying to decide if I want to join the Polymerclay art retreat for this year. I did last year and it was great.

Polymer Clay TV Banner My only problem is they have art jewelry and polymerclay art ugh I can't decide. let me see if I .....

Next week I will be uploading my first ever painting from the Artsherpa

Don't forget I have a youtube channel Mimi's Musings. Check out the latest from our Inspiration Conspiracy hop on January 14th. see you next week.

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