Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12

Woe is me. I try maybe not hard enough. The year started and I had every intention of blogging at least once a month. I may have even promised more than that but life well you know.

So I am at least checking in to say hi and to show you what is keeping me busy. Wish I could say it was my video taping but can't cause it seems there is a learning curve to the video editing process. I am trying though and someday I will be blogging monthly and weekly video uploading. We can only hope.

So, I am reflecting on my past 5 months and where I am there are more ideas than I can even state but let me try;
altered jewelry, thanks to B'Sue Boutiques and her videos available on youtube.
watercolor and printing, thanks to Jane Davenport for inspiring as always I have much to learn.
videos' my lack of them does not mean I don't have desire to get them out there. Thanks to my CAC group who are always making and doing and far surpass my endeavors. Check my peeps out.....

til next time. hugs

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