Wednesday, June 22, 2016



A free online retreat that encourages and fosters women artists to be their authentic self. Seems a bit much doesn't it? Well I have paid for the ability to be a part of an artistic community that helps foster women to embrace themselves and be the artist they want to be. Frankly I believe that this course and it is free mind you, can be for anyone who needs to focus themselves and their goals. Doesn't have to be about art. Although the process of using art as a way of finding our goals and true self is certainly a part of this.

I imagine you don' t have to keep a journal but being a teacher in my mind part of every process of learning always involved writing. So keeping the journal is a pretty good idea. Including in it some art can help express some things that can't be done with words. Just sayin.

The very hardest part has been seeing my muse or answering some of the questions that we were asked in our class today. I eventually answered the questions but in some ways I am not sure if they are too general.

I so enjoyed the art process it was pretty cool.

So out of the answered questions we were to discover our manefesto for the rest of the class. I developed something eventually. Thankfully it's not a manuscript.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bead and Button Show vote

 Ok you must go to this website Bead and Button and vote for  Mary (Marnie) Ehlers a fabulous Metal Clay artist. She has done lots of different works but this is outstanding. I think it deserves some votes so go to the Bead and Button Website and click on the gallery of artistic works and look at all the wonderful things that is being made and vote for your favoriet but I'd love it if when you get to Marnie's you voted for hers. It is brilliant.
Vote for Marnie!!

This is from a posting on facebook come on lets vote for Marnie.

This is Marnie's husband Steve. Marnie is still in California taking care of her mom in hospice. She asked me to please ask her friends to go to the Bead Dreams Contest using this
Once on the page click "vote" and go to page 3. She is competing under the metal clay category. The piece is called Enchante Par La Romance. You can vote 5 times a day until 11 June. I know she will appreciate it. Thanks.

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