Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Septmber 2016

Story one, In July, I think, I started working with a trainer. With great expectations we began with 2 times a week. I pulled something at first I just thought it was a mucsle out of wack. Then it became more intense when I stopped moving. took advil and iced it, went to thechiropractors, didn't even workout for a few weeks. Finally went to the doctor, after a round of stupid steroids I am on some anti seizure medication that also works on inflammation. 

Story two, Work has been put on hold and although I like being home I have racked up some debt from getting going in my new position. Ok,Ok I didn't have to go get a new LED light but I wanted a bigger one than I had and the polishes were a bit dry, old or out of date. I wanted some that was fun. In any case I also paid for my comference to face and body show and I bought a few things thinking I was gonna pump it up, took a lah extension class, got some supplies and some facial products I could get behind. Now I am really behind. So do I risk my back and hang out at the shop or do I stay at home till I figure what's up?

Story three, got a call from family, usually no one calls me,  except my dad, so I knew something was up. Brother has some form of cancer in his esophagus. He never smoked, but we grew up in a small home with several smokers. Could be it is from having heart burn. He's going for a second opinion and tests are beginning. Apparently they want to see if it spread before they consider his options.We cant get a break this been a lousy couple of years. I don't react with the big things I would like to think I am strong when stuff like this happens. But alone with my thoughts and silent tears. I give myself a headache.

Conclusions, how can I be so whiney when all I have is back pain from being old? 

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