Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 2017

Ahh Yes trying to get all the workshops I am involved in up to date and not get sick. TOO LATE.

Yes I got sick and now I am recuperating from the rest day I took and I think that was worse than being sick. My old bones are hurting. ow. So on with the update

First the color of the year! Greenery from Pantone. Beautiful color reminds me of summer grass, spring and bunny rabbits. I didn't get my directions video looking as well as I wanted so I just redirect everyone to someone I know who is awesome at videos. See the video

So did you pick your word for the the year? Your saying your intentions your good grief with all of that I had no time to get my video's done. I really have a hard time choosing those things. Like what do I want my theme to be? I don't know I am just trying to be creative then everyone wants intentions. I just want to complete everything I started. What is your, STOP! I just want to be taken as a serious artist to make some money out of selling my creations. Is that too real? Why do I have to spend time getting intentions done. My intention is to not have to go to work outside my art shop. To be able to buy things with out using a credit card. Or if I do use a credit card I want to be able to pay it off with the money I make selling the stuff I made.That's my goal.

I am not being hostile I am being realistic. That just doesn't sound as fru fru as it should. It's very in your face and people don't like that. I don't know how I would react if someone put that out there in a video. It's almost shocking. Some people would be insulted because it sounds like I am putting them down. I really don't mean to I am just saying that in my head I don't have that I have to wait to hear what every one else says and copy them because the truth is I don't have visions of sugar plums in my head. Oh I know how to fake it but the reality is I strive to do what I need to to get to the place where every one else is. I have to struggle every time we have a zen mantra going before we can start the process of learning.

I  was ready to learn before I signed up. I want to be organized I want to have creative journals and beautiful things to look at but I can't just vomit them out the beginning of the year.

Whats my word of the year? BE just be. Just be me be creative be aspiring be annoying be loud be yourself.

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