Thursday, June 1, 2017

How are you feeling? Are you ready for shorts and bathing suit season?
Don't worry honey we all feel like we've added some padding. The alternative to living well is well you know so go out and be engaged with life. Do your best to enjoy where you are. Get something that makes you feel comfortable and keep on keeping on.

I love the smell of the roses do the know how the magazine people did it but I loved the smell of the rose catalogue in spring. The promise of a summer bounty of flowers, tomatoes and corn. Mmmmmm

For now I'll have to settle for fruit an vegetables from Felipe's. 

What's your plan for summer? I'm going to start some dog training. Looking forward to getting the doggies back on track. 

So if you're looking to train your doggie or do some creative crafts come over to YouTube and follow me. 
@ Mimi's musings or just saying. 
See u there.

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