Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 2017

Question; would rather be stuck with your animals at home when it's hot out or be in the air conditioning at work?

As for me? Definitely with the dogs. I know everyone figures well at least it's got air conditioning right? For most people I think that would give a good reason to be at work but I look at those faces and think aw they need me even if it's to just commiserate with them. I think I am ready to start down that road to retirement. My art and crafts call to me more than my need to interact with people. Plus these guys are so much fun who needs people? 

Oh ok I understand you probably think I am a little nuts right about now but let me give you an explanation.

  Number one, dogs love you. Some people should be abandoned at the shelter, then maybe they would appreciate the effort people put in to serving them. Dogs are like you came back oh we are so happy to see you again.  People are like add a little extra for the same price?

Number two,  dogs will go where ever you want. People will meander in your room as if there is all the time in the world, meanwhile your next customer is tapping her foot in the waiting room.

Number three, dogs don't care about anything but play and food oh and where they sleep. People act as if they have been dropped here on earth and you should genuflect. 

Number four, dogs understand when you are having a bad day. Some people have acted like they have never made a mistake and believe that perfection is not only possible but a requirement. 

Overall, people disappoint me terribly. I have seen people who are kind and considerate I only hope that I am appreciative towards the ones who are. Then, as a customer, I hope I make people who serve me smile, happy and hopeful.

smiling face and off to work..... sigh

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